ROBOTICS, the basis of modern automation

We work with leading robot brands to ensure the best integration with your existing standards.

  • At Techno SURFACE we provide maximum flexibility in the choice of the robot, offering, in addition to the possibility of ranging from the main brands such as ABB, Comau, Denso, Fanuc, Hunday, Kawasaki, Kuka, Mitsubishi, Stäubli, Yaskawa Motoman, also the assistance of strong integrators of over ten years of expertise and experience in various applications.

  • Our experience also extends to integration with AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle), LGV (Laser guided Vehicle), SGV (Self guided vehicles) and IGV (Intelligent Guided Vehicles) trucks.


The integration of a robotic cell in a Metrology, quality control, industrial automation or similar line is never a trivial task. Correct implementation of vision systems, logistic devices (eg: RFID gates, rotary tables, distributor pallets, drawers or similar devices) is always a technical choice based on experience and competence. While the combination with the suitable type of pliers, automatic pliers change, when required, or piece tippers, requires an expert software to be released and supported with the most efficient hardware (PC or PLC). Same thing for systems compatible with industry 4.0.

Techno SURFACE offers its assistance to ensure the conformity of the supply to the required tasks, providing its technical assistance both for the software project (workflow) and for the hardware (system set-up and configuration).

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