Thermal deburring of metal components

Thermal deburring is a system aimed at removing burrs on components in oxidizable materials.

  • Explore with Techno SURFACE the opportunities offered by thermal deburring processes. Thermal deburring is a process aimed at eliminating burrs on components in oxidizable materials that come from specific processes (mechanical, die-castings, etc.).

  • The process uses, according to a chemical-physical principle, the heat generated by the ignition of a suitable combustible mixture, just like in the case of thermal engines.

  • The energy obtained uses the oxygen present in the ordinary mixture to eliminate burrs, slag and unwanted material present on the edges, within the cavities and on the more or less hidden surfaces of the details subjected to the treatment.


Any threaded parts present on the parts to be treated are not affected by the process thanks to the geometry of the thread itself. At the end of the treatment, the pieces have an oxide patina deposited on the surfaces.

– Metal parts that are oxidizable and obtained by casting or mechanical processing.
– Details in cast iron, steel, copper and its alloys, aluminum and its leche, still not heat treated and free of oils or fats.

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