Surface technology, metrology and automation, with a focus on sustainability

At Techno SURFACE we offer extensive experience and knowledge of surfaces, to support your most advanced projects, and to achieve a common goal.

The field of metrology we filed in 2017 a patent application for a wear sensor capable of diagnosing, for example, the consumption of the tread of a wheel, or of other surfaces or coatings.

We have cultivated experiences for laser surface treatment, for example with the texturization of plastic molds. Finally, we have oriented our capabilities to the resolution of robotization projects and of surface treatments with low environmental impact, for example with ultrasound technologies. For the latter we represent or distribute exclusive solutions of prestigious brands.

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We offer extensive experience and knowledge of surfaces, to support your most advanced projects, and to achieve a common goal


A wide range of possible INDUSTRIAL subcontract applications and services range from 3D engraving, touch & feel, chiselling, and other applications such as custom textures for both aesthetic and functional purposes. We can offer both 3D laser engraving of molds for injection of plastic items, or engraving directly on metal articles, or the creation of anti-slip, psycho-tactile, functional textures (for example: to absorb light), and much more.


Metrology according to the experience developed by Techno Surface can offer two different perspectives: the first aimed at wear sensors capable of detecting and communicating, through wired or wireless logics, the wear of a coating; the second oriented to quality control with vision systems to discriminate between productive lots in compliance and various levels of non-compliance.


The world of Additive Manufacturing requires different skills for polymers and metals – Techno Surface faces all aspects related to post processes and surface treatment with exclusive and predominantly eco-sustainable solutions. Techno Surface is also “in network” with companies specialized in offering sub-contract services capable of bringing added value to your Additive Manufacturing activities.


Robotics has made great strides and allows easy work of various aspects related to the automation of industrial processes and laboratory issues. However, it should not be overestimated and, above all, must be integrated with the appropriate choices in relation to the type of project that you are facing (example: vision systems).
Techno Surface operates in network with technological partners, who are able to provide services or to produce solutions at 360° for your surfaces.


The world of surface treatment is a competence area of Techno Surface, where it can express its experience at a high level, offering innovative, technological and convenient solutions. Between those kinds of solutions, the thermal deburring, aimed at eliminating burrs on components in oxidizable materials.


The world of ultrasonics according to Techno Surface offers interesting opportunities through sustainable and eco-compatible technological solutions.
Techno Surface works in partnership with market leaders – companies with exclusive and patented technologies, such as ultrasonic shot peening, ultrasonic needle peening, ultrasound forming, ultrasonic deburring. Download the Laser brochure in the download area for more information.

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